Exercise Part One – Man Cave Basics

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Lets begin a fitness and exercise journey together!

Welcome to the first installment of The Man Cave Fitness. I am going to be writing a series of articles in hopes to help encourage people to begin making healthier life choices. These
articles will be able to help you make better choices with your meals, offer some exercise workouts that you can do at home, and just offer some over all fitness advice so that we can all get healthier together!

Have a plan:

Whether your goal is to become a bodybuilder or lose a few pounds and just generally become healthier you will not be able to accomplish any of those goals without a set plan. Some simple things to remember when making your plan is to take small steps when starting out on your fitness journey. If you just dive in head first and try to drastically change every aspect of your life, more likely than not you are going to get burnt out, and wind up falling right back in to the bad habits that you had prior to starting your journey.

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When I talk about making steps you can do things like instead of having a soda with every meal that you eat drink water with one or two meals to start cutting out on the sugar that you’re putting in your body from all the sodas. When you make your food at home or you’re going out to eat, instead of ordering that greasy burger and fries, maybe try something like grilled chicken and fries; or have a salad for one meal just so that you are slowly changing your diet instead of a drastic overhaul, because major drastic changes are a sure-fire way to fail. (speaking from personal experience on that)

Do not ever get discouraged when you start a journey to better yourself. It is easy to get
discouraged and compare yourself to others on social media, but remember this, a healthy
lifestyle is not a sprint! This is a marathon changes aren’t going to happen overnight it’s going to take some hard work and dedication, but if you stick with it and keep making the small changes in the end every bit of work will pay off.


Now I am not trying to tell you that you need to go out and run 10 miles or bench press 300 pounds for exercise, my point in exercise is that you just need to get up and do something.

exercise fitness gym
Current studies indicate that you should be exercising for 150 minutes a week which is roughly 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. I understand how overwhelming those number can seem, but again do not let numbers like this discourage you. If you went out and walked 10 or 15 minutes everyday or every other day that is better than just sitting down and never doing any physical activity.  The longer that you consistently do physical activity you will notice that you will be able toincrease the duration and the intensity of your workouts. In the long run nutrition is the most important aspect of any fitness journey so when you combine good nutrition with a consistent workout routine, you are destined to see some amazing results!

Workout Examples: All of these can be done at home

  • Workout 1: Walk/Run 1 mile or 0.5 mile
  • Workout 2: 10 Air squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and go through that repetition as many times as you can on a 10 minute running clock
  • Workout 3: 30 sec plank, 30 sec rest do that for 10 minutes

Now this has been a very brief intro in to a series of articles that I will be writing expanding on the general ideas that I discussed in this article. My last tip of advice for anyone from the absolute beginner to the professional, never be afraid to ask for help! You are never alone in a journey to change your life. There are always people on the journey with you, and it is always great to have some moral support along the way!



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