Bright Side of the Sun – A Review


Well I just so happened to be out at one of my favorite watering holes this weekend and stumbled across a beer from a brewery I have never heard of. D9 Brewing located in Cornelius, North Carolina was founded in 2014 and has been creating some of the most original and delicious beers I have ever tasted. For this blog, I will be talking about D9’s defying gravity, Bright Side of the Sun which is a sour ale brewed with white chocolate and ginger. This sour ale is 14 % ABV so with this beer being so delicious you have to be careful not to have to many or you might wind up in some trouble.  Now at first thought white chocolate and ginger did not sound like a good combination to my palate; however let me tell you that this is the best sour ale I have ever had hands down!

At first pour this beer really did not have a nice foamy head which was kinda of depressing because I really look forward to the aromas you get from the head of a beer. However the aroma that comes off of this beer is the perfect mixture of sweet from the chocolate, and the tartness of the ginger.

The first taste of this beer blew my mind! It was pretty much a complete shock to my palate as I have never really tasted another beer like this. It is very sweet and the white chocolate is very prominent and almost over bearing as you start to process that first drink, but as this wonderful brew starts to reach the back of your palate and you finish the drink the ginger notes become very noticeable and it really tones down the sweetness of the chocolate.

I would highly recommend this beer if you get the chance to try it!. It is refreshing and crisp, defiantly a nice summer beer. I have attached the link to D9 brewing’s community website, I recommend checking them out, they are just as much about helping their community as they are creating finally brewed craft brews.

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